The Complete Ennio Morricone

A fifteen disc collection surveying the incredible career of one of the 20th century’s greatest composers and arrangers. Fans of film scores and contemporary classical will rejoice. However, for those of us more disposed to truly be moved by a 3 minute pop song there is an achingly gorgeous opportunity here. Its difficult to be completely unfamiliar with many of the selections presented here, which are chosen and sequenced by Morricone himself. Included is the great Man with No Name film scores with spidery guitar lines and distant whistles, hoof clacks, non-verbal vocal hordes corralling through a dense sonic landscape all morphed into the most captivating and beautiful music to ever beset a film. But there is so much more wealth to be treasured here with over 200 compositions by a hand who has directed the shape of modern music whether intentionally or not. Morricone’s genre bending masterpieces are some of the 20th centuries finest aural art, yet even when Morricone limits himself he delivers above and beyond, for instance his score the fantastic 1982 remake of The Thing in the style of John Carpenter’s earlier chilling scores. The last two discs are especially outstanding demonstrating Morricone’s skill as an arranger the first with a selection of his finest orchestral works and the second with his selections of Italian pop songs. A fantastic, if months long, listening journey I highly recommend.


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