Chet Atkins Picks on The Beatles

ChetAtkins’ large catalogue of instrumental guitar records are the documents of an adventurous perfectionist. The records he produced for Nashville  stars contain an understanding not only of the artists he was recording, but more intriguingly the process and medium of recording itself. As a guitarist he ranks among the finest craftsman to hold the thing, each note he picks is bell- like and true. His style of electric playing, which is used to play classic early Beatle’s tunes on this album, demonstrates an almost forgotten aspect of the instrument. Many of the great electric guitarists have used the guitar as a means to manipulate the sounds of its circuitry; signal processing. Atkins uses another approach, the increased fret-board response and control over tone that the electric guitar is able to provide. He used this to craft sophisticated lyrical chord-melody and sublime technical subtlety that wasn’t possible without the benefit of guitars specialized amplification. Much of modern recorded music draws a straight line back to gentlemen like Chet Atkins and The Beatles. Here the music of both is fantastically enjoyable.


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