Miles Davis Quintet- Live in Europe 1967 (Bootleg Series Vol. 1)

 There are certain musicians, Miles Davis without a doubt one of them, who never can be captured by tape so much as they pass it by and leave a brief impression. In some sense no recording will ever be the definitive Miles Davis album. Columbia, however, keeps trying to create one. There are an overwhelming amount of box sets available, many of which include in themselves an overwhelming amount of music. None of them contain the cohesion and audience pleasing showmanship of this collection. Seven Steps and Plugged Nickel are collectively 15 discs covering the period just prior to the October 1967 date of the live takes here. Each, critics have argued, are essential recordings of Davis’ ‘Second Great Quintet’. Either would be useless for a curious listener or casual fan. The most recent addition,despite its somewhat intimidating title, is an equally insightful yet less exhaustive set that it seems everyone agrees displays a great set of musicians at the height of their powers. Live in Europe 1967  is a concise, yet enthralling listening experience. Not only a musician who embraced many ideas, Davis was a bandleader who turned men into gods. His list of sidemen have impressive lists of sidemen. And still his trumpet shines through, never overpowering but always encouraging. There is something distinct about each of his quintets, and his late 1960’s quintet is at their absolute peak on this 3 disc set.


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