The Red Garland Quintet- All Mornin’ Long

The story goes that on some unassuming November morning in 1957 The Red Garland Quintet stepped into a quiet room in Hackensack and began to make noise. John Coltrane, his soon to be regular companion trumpeter Donald Byrd and the wonderful rhythm section of pianist Red Garland, bassist George Joyner, and drummer Art Taylor cut take after take of bop and brilliance at Van Gelder Studios. That session provided the content of several great records that play in the extended hard-bop form that the Prestige label had come to be known for, partly by Garland’s previous work with the Miles Davis Quintet(think Steamin’, Cookin’ ,etc.). Here, Garland and Coltrane feel free to steer the music in their direction. Both musicians were still developing and maturing into the artists they would become, but its always nice to hear Coltrane in his transitional years out of the shadow of Davis. Garland and Byrd would continue to work with Coltrane as he began grow and strike out on his own. It is still very much Garland’s show, however, and his inventive yet traditional playing of this period is hypnotizing. A great record to listen to, well, all morning long.


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