Guru Guru- UFO

Recently I was lent Nikos Kotsopoulos’ wonderful collection of essays entitled Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and it’s Legacy due to my increasingly rejuvenated interest in Can, since the release of their powerfully great Lost Tapes boxset  this summer. The book, to say the least, has had me digging out records I haven’t touched since 11th grade. If you look at the archives on this site I believe you will notice my interest in psych and jazz but it seems I have neglected the style in the center of those crosshairs. No more! UFOguruguru_discography_09_ufo_gross by the acid-fried kings of German psych Guru Guru is a hell of a slab of wax. Guru Guru were of the original group of young free-thinking German musicians who rejected the traditional (or more accurately said- occupying) jazz and rock oriented American and British music to venture into the cosmos. Somewhere in between Can‘s Jurassic polyrhythm and Kraftwerk‘s disengenuine binary sheen exists Guru Guru’s flat out future rock coated in Wah and ready to slink in your ears and eat your fucking brain. Forty-two years after it’s release it is still possible to walk into a club (or basement) 4 out of 5 nights and see some asshole in black jeans trying to ape this record and call it ‘noise-rock’ whatever the fuck that means.


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