Ravi Shankar’s Improvisations

David Fricke, senior writer at the lumbering archaic beast Rolling Stone, commemorated the life of Ravi Shankar last week with a terrific survey of the Indian musician’s prolific career. I’ll save any pointless rehashing for a more talented writer and recommend this wonderful 1968 interview from the same magazine. I’ll add only that Shankar’s music represents the vision of an extraordinary musician intimidatingly well versed in the traditional musics of Indian and South Eastern Asia, but does not represent, like many believe, the foundations of that music. Though he uses traditions, it would not be fair to describe him as traditional. Infact, he was anything but. Ravi-Shankar-Improvisations---441382[1]His Indian- Jazz fusion found on his album Improvisations is a fantastic place to start exploring his wonderful catalog, but as Fricke points out so are just about any of his records.



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