These Three Kings

Some people just accept B.B. King unquestioningly. As if to say: “Yes, I understand the blues is a thing, and yes I understand this man is playing something that qualifies as that, you say he’s the best? Sure, why not” Well, as Jay-Z once pointed out in his ode ’99 Imageproblems’ you don’t get from the bottom to the top of the pops without knowing what the hell your doing. B.B. King Singin’ the Blues is an earlier record by the prolific bluesman that displays his peculiar gift perfectly. B.B. King really does sing the blues, even his guitar does. Passionate and yet professional B.B. mixed his earlier blues with some of the feels of Soul, Doo-Wop, Blues, Rock ‘N’ Roll, etc and that set him apart from the herd, you could play this on the radio.

Albert King has left his legacy throughout blues music. Many young guitarists are Imageintroduced to blues soloing through the ‘Albert King Box’. His pentatonic sorrow was complimented by another contribution to electric guitar’s sound these bluesmen helped pioneer: turning your little amp up so god damn loud it began to overdrive. The result is that Albert King’s tone and playing pierce your heart, and are aimed at your bad mojo.

Freddie King‘s all instrumental classic Let’s Hide Away and Dance with Freddie King is aLet's Hide Away and Dance with Freddie King  personal favorite and real display of prowess, it is unfortunately difficult to get a preview of. I strongly suggest searching for a reissue if your into that. However the power of his playing is freely evident on this collection. Freddie King in essence combines the styles of B.B. and Albert and what you get is an educated, melodically moving, passionate guitarist whose only goal in life, it seems,  is to burn down this juke joint using only his guitar



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