BT- This Binary Universe

In late summer 2006 all I was listening to was ( ), Roman Candle, and Kid A so in retrospect I guess I should have known that whole moving to Boston with my girlfriend thing wasn’t really going to work out. I was also, if my aging ego driven memory serves me right, discovering the beauty of ImageBeethoven’s 5th, Mahler’s Titan. I was probably scanning record reviews for words like taciturn (a word that in record  reviews is seldom relevant yet often used) or landscape. Over the years as most things have faded into heavy puffs of smoke one of those reviews has really never left my mind. It said: “This Binary Universe may be the first ambient symphony of the 21st century” (John Diliberto, of amazon presumably). You’re not wrong John. This record is simply incredible. BT- who had made a name for himself as the producer for bubblegum pop stars, and as the darling of the late 90’s trance scene –  creates an intricately textured and comfortably symmetrical listening experience. Each track on … Binary.. unfolds into a series of carefully constructed tones and textures ranging from programs he created himself in alternate programming languages to 110 piece orchestras hitting every stop in between. Feels and rhythms from nearly every major 20th century form of music are present, as if they were merely a palette for BT’s masterful brush. Though the BPM on this record is far lower than his previous works, it’s no less exhilarating. Fans of early 21st century melodic minimalism will be thrilled but this is no Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Yellow this is a statement the likes of which have yet to be equaled.


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