James Brown Plays Nothin’ But Soul


My good friend gave me this record as a gift recently, and holy shit. It took me ten solid minutes of being locked into such a smooth sick groove to realize my needle was skipping. Previously, I’ve posted on Mercy, Mercy, Mercy an incredible Jazz record and I’d like to introduce this gem and its Brother-in-Arms in the war on still booties. Brown forgoes pretty much everything you know about him on this 1968 recording, he doesn’t sing a note. Instead he rips his electric organ with childish delight. By no means a virtuoso its a true pleasure to hear him hunt and pick and, in moments, truly fucking rip, It’s telling that on the record’s sleeve they insist this: “is not a put-on”. When people view you as a certain artist, it can be hard to escape that perception and dust covered record bins every where are filled with those tragedies. Most of them, like Brown’s record, are sadly out of print even in this re-issue overhaul that has been happening for the past 15 years. But lament not, because in the end its just six cuts, two sides, and Nothing But Soul.


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