It’s Gotta be Hard Living Under the Shadow of Wings



Let me save you some time if you want to compare Paul McCartney’s new album to the Beatles- it fails. If you want to compare it to the most recent offering from Mark Knopfler now we’re getting somewhere. But nobody’s going to do that. The problem is that when Macca delivers a new record everybody says its the most Beatlesesque record he’s made in decades, right before they tell you how old he is. That’s almost the formula. All the reviews pretty much all do the same thing. At first you’ve got your obligatory references to his solo/ Wings albums- as if after all these years they’re still trying to claw for some validity- then there’s some song deconstruction, that’s really just masking another list of credentials, and finally a reason for why this McCartney album is special ( I think what makes this one special are the really cool lights on the album cover that presumably spell NEW, i guess).

So surrounding the release of his cleverly titled NEW, McCartney is receiving the usual bullshit. McCartney’s continuing trend of hiring young producers works for him this time ,but, due to the remastering of his back catalog, touring, and TV spots, his cultural ever-presence is grating. Insert reference to recent event here___ or quip about his boyish charm here___.

The most interesting part about NEW isn’t the formula it’s that there doesn’t seem to be a consensus. Normally, there’s three good tracks and everybody talks about them, but with NEW nobody agrees on which three they are. As a whole I think it’s alright. It’s kind of like seeing his band play ‘Got to Get You into My Life’ with that synth horn section. I like it more than Wings at the Speed of Sound or whatever but don’t go throwing the Beatles around or anything.

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  1. magic micah says:

    sounds like a pretty fair take on a promising yet, ultimately, unfulfilling album. might as well just go back and listen to the beatles if you want to hear the beatles.

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