No One Cares


Sinatra had a brilliant stream of album covers in the 50’s, man.  No One Cares is his final installment. The Chairman and his arrangers, Gordon Jenkins and Nelson Riddle, crafted a thematic journey that began in ’55  with the incomparable In the Wee Small Hours, and guided us by streetlamp – cigarette by cigarette –  through every bar in town, until we found him here, alone in a crowded room.

It’s music like this that turns a sympathetic eye to a bottle of V.O. and permanently etches into our collective thoughts the portrait of a guy in a dark time, holding his liquor and dropping pretty much everything else. Sinatra called these a collection of suicide songs. Old Blue-Eyes gets pretty blue on this one. Its a goddamn shame they’ve gone and changed most of his original album art.  


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