School’s Out: A Pubescent Rock Master Class

alicecooper-schoolsout-coverYou can feel the pent-up energy that had been building over past three terms, ah hem I mean albums, surging like a pimple toward release from the first chord of this record. Alice Cooper had struck gold (literally) with “Eighteen” and, it would appear, they decided the strike again while the iron was hot. School’s Out is an album with a simple concept, the same simple concept behind  Rock ‘n’ Roll really: teenaged boys (the original came wrapped in a pair of panties, presumably taken in a raid- I’m not quite sure)*. A heroic statement from the self-proclaimed villains of Rock ‘n’ Roll the record approaches the hard rock concept album with a hand as heavy as the riffs and tongue loosely in cheek.  They managed to surprise even themselves when the title track became a summer radio staple, but I was convinced to give this record a spin when a friend of mine insisted I listen to the incredible “Public Animal No. 9”.  Shamelessly capitalizing on early Glam concept records, wrapping the whole thing up in adolescent debauchery and comically over playing it, and sticking to anthemic Pop/Rock was the spoonful of sugar needed to help this medicine go down. A  classic.



*just writing that word made me feel a little gross


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