Black Sabbath, Paris, 1970

Robert Christgau had words for Black Sabbath. “… A dim-witted, amoral exploitation;” “… I’ve been worried something like this was going to happen since the first time I saw a numerology column in an underground newspaper.” “They claim to oppose war, but if I don’t believe in loving my enemies I don’t believe in loving my allies either;” “Black Sabbath is English–dull and decadent. I don’t care how many rebels and incipient groovies are buying.”

He may have been listening incorrectly. I mean – not that I was there or anything- Sabbath weren’t developing a coherent mythos so much as an incoherent one developed around them. Also,I don’t think they were out to hand you the next Pet Sounds; I’m pretty sure they just wanted emulate the sound of a warlock playing Bo Diddley songs to Satan in the middle of an avalanche.



* You can really learn a lot from folks on the ‘net, take Youtube user SisterRayVU68 for example. Their insightful commentary eloquently brings to life difficult issues like:

“Nirvana killed gay Heavy Metal.  They aren’t really gay, just lost.  Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain said Nirvana wanted to combine The Beatles with Black Sabbath. He pulled it off, at to what end? Neil Young felt guilty for a long time”


“How can you blame the first actor to claim/told to be a cyborg in 1973? Was Lee Majors going to be on Cheers? Ask Lou Ferrigno.”

Shotguy1 would like everyone to know that this footage was “actually shot in Brussells, Théâtre 140” and the river of replies suggests he’s really killing the dream for a lot of people.


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