…And Out Comes What Exactly?

I saw Rancid this past Spring at the House of Blues in Boston. It was great. Sounded just like Rancid. Honor’s All We Know, is pretty similar except I don’t know many of the songs. 

Here’s what my friend e-mailed me about the new record, edited as little as possible:

Have you heard the album yet? It’s not even bad, they’re actually pretty solid songs…it’s just that they’re already songs on …And Out Come the Wolves.

Besides the fact that they constantly stumble over themselves repeating every chorus about 8 times per song, they also literally sound like structures, rhythms, and melodies taken straight from … And Out Come the Wolves. Better than their last album.

Apparently Tim does too many drugs to write anything decent anymore, the lyrics are absolutely ridiculous. For instance, one song talks about “the power in the union”, but what union are they talking about? What union have any of them ever worked for? It doesn’t make any sense.

Not to mention how complicated the politics of each individual union are and how two-faced they can actually be. It’s like they just chose random phrases that sounded like they might be cool or meaningful, despite the lack of even minimal insight into what they’re talking about.

It’s also sort of confusing how there’s a song called “Evil’s my Friend” but also many songs about raising your fist against evil. It basically sounds like every 18-year-old punk who by 25 realizes that it’s okay just to be yourself and you don’t have to prove how tough and cool you are to everyone else.
Unfortunately, they somehow never reached 25. A damn shame too, considering the trilogy of … And Out Come the Wolves, Life Won’t Wait and Rancid 2000.
 I’ve always hoped they’d just have one more good record. jeez.
I feel like you might not like it, but the new Iceage album is a really damn good punk album for it being 2014 and punk being the confused mess it is. Have you heard it? Pretty gnarly. Listening to the vinyl on three sides makes for a better pacing.
_micah. (r.o.litant) micahlitant.com

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