Old Smoke

They were playing a pretty faded copy of The Slider at the Love Song while I hovered over my drink. The raw umbers and rich hunter greens made for pleasant company as I sipped some concoction of rye, cognac, and Benedictine that left me pretty stoned. There was a battalion outside, but it was nearly empty in the bar….

Lifestyles of the Truly Lazy

Narcoleptic Youth was shredding Hot Topic riffs while I made my way outside to have a cigarette. The patio was half covered by the same stained wooden boards that constituted the fence. It felt like a corral. “I dunno, I’ve got student loans and shit” an indignant feminine voice creaked from atop an Operation Ivy…

Monologues and No Encores

Caught between the bar and the sound booth, I slendered myself as much as possible for the people passing. I’m not giant by any means, but I’m capable of blocking a view. Unless I’m particularly engaged or with someone who is, I’ll tend toward the back of a venue.  Arms crossed so you know that…

My Summer with Tequila

Tequila goes down easy and sticks to your chest. It belongs in any collection of guitar music along with Chet Atkins, Link Wray, and the Ventures.