High Contrast Under a Lamp Post

What had Szabo and Womack cooked up? Gabor Szabo’s cerebral and delicately abstract solos seemed naturally at odds with Bobby Womack’s gritty, intensely southern grooves.


Old Smoke

They were playing a pretty faded copy of The Slider at the Love Song while I hovered over my drink. The raw umbers and rich hunter greens made for pleasant company as I sipped some concoction of rye, cognac, and Benedictine that left me pretty stoned. There was a battalion outside, but it was nearly empty in the bar….

Yr Guide to Getting Down w/ Haydn

“…music is not so aggressive that it will come through without your help… The key to…understanding it is not knowledge, because the music itself will teach you whatever you need to know. The key is feeling” – Mstislav Rostropovich Introduction: In the course of over five centuries the classical tradition, or Concert Music, has amassed such…