High Contrast Under a Lamp Post

What had Szabo and Womack cooked up? Gabor Szabo’s cerebral and delicately abstract solos seemed naturally at odds with Bobby Womack’s gritty, intensely southern grooves.


Old Smoke

They were playing a pretty faded copy of The Slider at the Love Song while I hovered over my drink. The raw umbers and rich hunter greens made for pleasant company as I sipped some concoction of rye, cognac, and Benedictine that left me pretty stoned. There was a battalion outside, but it was nearly empty in the bar….

The Space Age Cannot Be Avoided.

 In My Music I Speak of Impossible Things. I’m Just Like the Birds. They Sing. Occasionally, you may get a couple records by a Space Prophet that seems like he independently emerged from the tapestry of cosmos by way of ancient Memphis. In his hand he carried a passport from Saturn, and managed to assemble…

Jazz in Silhouette

  Punk as fuck – and possibly from Saturn (though, more likely one of its moons) –  Sun Ra was one of the most gifted big-band composer, arranger, and band leaders of the “post-war era” or whatever. Sun Ra and his Arkestra wanted to make one thing clear: they have traveled across the solar system…