The First Days are the Hottest Days

Wondering what it meant to be an uncle, I remembered a new record store had its grand opening that same afternoon. Slowly, I moved my disinterested legs and I tried to remember where it was.


Let Me Free No More

Somewhere between Tago Mago’s Cro-magnon ritualism and the focused melody of Soon Over Babaluma I wouldn’t call this material ‘transitional’ but certainly a missing link.

No One Cares

Sinatra had a brilliant stream of album covers in the 50’s, man.  No One Cares is his final installment. The Chairman and his arrangers, Gordon Jenkins and Nelson Riddle, crafted a thematic journey that began in ’55  with the incomparable In the Wee Small Hours, and guided us by streetlamp – cigarette by cigarette –  through every…

Contemplating the Engine Room

Mike Watt‘s second solo record is a real true mother. A dense waterlogged lament that sounds like what a seafaring drunkard probably hears when we hear music. Contemplating the Engine Room is Watt’s attempt to reconcile the loss of his friend, D. Boon – while phrasing the whole story and sound of the record as taking…