And the Heat Goes On

Years and a continent apart I guarantee you that this melting Earth is not orbiting the Sun it is circling it like a drain. Walking to back to the office from a lunch gone long, a gentlemen convinced me to feel the heat radiating from his head. There is no reason in this world, only steadily increasing fahrenheit .


Comes & Goes

There’s a somewhat arbitrary aspect to creating a song. But those songs connect with people in a way that is anything but arbitrary. There’s an arbitrary aspect to putting a record on at a bar. But to me in that room, it was anything but arbitrary.

The Radio Does Play

If Rock ‘n’ Roll had a purpose, some deeper thread that separated Carl Perkins from Bing Crosby and connected Little Richard to The Velvet Underground, I would find it.

Dance Without a Band

The reason X would soon move to a major label, Elektra, and give us another classic album, Under the Big Black Sun. Wild Gift was named album of the year by Rolling Stone, as well as both the Los Angeles and New York Times

Let Me Free No More

Somewhere between Tago Mago’s Cro-magnon ritualism and the focused melody of Soon Over Babaluma I wouldn’t call this material ‘transitional’ but certainly a missing link.